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Welcome to GHT

We are an international tracing company working on behalf of Financial and Pensions companies based in the United Kingdom.

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Our clients are typically Private & Company Pension Funds, Insurance and Investment Companies and general providers of savings and investment products.

Whist UK legislation does not yet require a company who holds unclaimed accounts, monies or pensions to locate the rightful beneficiary, our clients have appointed us to find these 'lost customers' and potentially reunite them with an asset that is currently laying dormant as part of their social and corporate responsibility. 

Operating from our base in the UK we reach out to 'lost customers' across the world using a sophisticated blend of investigation and tracing sources to identify and locate asset holders who have moved, emigrated or who have simply lost touch.

Regardless of how it has occurred, the one thing all of our clients have in common is a portfolio of customers with whom they have lost touch and a genuine desire to reunite them with their asset.

Global Heir Tracers is dedicated to providing professional grade tracing and search services.

We take great pride in working for our clients and representing their values with sensitivity, compassion and respect which are central to our own culture.

Global Heir Tracers - The first choice tracing partner